On last night's 'Late Show With David Letterman,' the TV host busted out some special treatment for the Black Keys. The band played two songs -- not on the studio stage like every other musical act -- but outside on the marquee in front of the Ed Sullivan theater.

After the first song, which was anything but quiet, Letterman can be heard saying, "The neighbors are calling. They want us to do this every night."

First, the band rocked their first single, 'Fever,' from its just-released album, 'Turn Blue.' Frontman Dan Auerbach's guitar may have needed some slight tuning, but that only added an element of drunken-sounding raunchiness to the performance. You can watch that above.

Then they played 'It's Up to You,' a song with a fuzz-fueled hook and a lot of mind-bending riffery. Here's the clip for that tune:

After the second song, Letterman greeted them onstage and paid drummer Patrick Carney a great compliment, saying, "I love the drums. They sound fantastic." Letterman liked them so much he let them stay and play a 35-minute long set for the 'Live on Letterman' webcast.

You can watch the full webcast set below.