A billboard memorializing Brian Scott Gamroth has been installed at the David Street Station in downtown Casper. Anyone who has a story or a thoughtful message is encouraged to share it on the billboard. Markers are provided on a table on site.

Brian was Vice-Chairman of the Downtown Development Authority and spearheaded many of the projects and initiatives. "We absolutely would not be where we are at today with David Street Station without him." says Kevin Hawley, Executive Director of the Downtown Development Authority. "In true Brian Scott fashion, we reached out to folks in our network who donated their time and services to help put this sign together in a few days. Lisa Burridge & Blu Sky Builders helped coordinate and set the posts, Wyoming Signs made the sign in less than a day, and Caspar Building Systems, Inc. helped hang the sign." Hawley continues.

The billboard is located at the corner of Yellowstone and David Street. Once the sign is full, it will be taken down and given it to the family so they can enjoy all of the wonderful memories this community has of Brian.

If you choose to leave a message, please keep a few things in mind:

  • Please write small enough to leave room for others
  • Write clearly
  • Know that the family will receive this once it is full

[WATCH] Wyoming Remembers Brian Scott:

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