Is Bigfoot real or not?  Witnesses think they have captured a Sasquatch on video Friday morning as a large dark figure was spotted roaming across the foothills south of Casper, WY.

Known by many names - Bigfoot / Sasquatch / Yeti - numerous sightings of these large hairy upright creatures are reported every year in Wyoming and all across the Rocky Mountain Northwest.

This video was recorded by an employee at a Casper business close to the sighting location inside the city limits.  The witnesses reported seeing the large figure climb down from a telephone pole near a water tower at a high point on the south side of town.  The figure can be seen crouching in the video as it appears to be looking off to the south.  Maybe trying to hide it's silhouette against the cloudy sky or possibly tracking some sort of prey.

2016 has already brought a slew of Bigfoot sightings in the Rocky Mountain Northwest.  This video is being sent to a regional Bigfoot Field Research Organization office for verification.  Share this video with your friends and we wish you all a very happy April Fool's Day!