Valentine's Day can be tough for desperate, dateless dudes.  While happy couples are celebrating their love, these poor guys are all alone, trolling for women online.  With that in mind, here's the best "Missed Connections" of the month from the Wyoming Craigslist page.

1. 50 Shades of Grey in Cheyenne

I was at Spencer's and over heard a conversation between you and your friend. It started like this "look at these handcuffs, I need to find a man to put these on and make him please me." Your friend laughed . Then you said, "I am dead serious and this paddle will make sure he obeys." Then your friend said, "good luck in finding a submissive man in Cheyenne."

I turned around to see who you were and you was gone. I walked around the store to see if I could figure out who you were, with no luck.

I was looking at the bondage items just moment before I heard your conversation, thinking I would never find a dominant woman in Cheyenne.  Anyway, I know this is a long shot, but if your out there and serious, I would be interested in chatting with you.

2.  The hottie at the auto parts store in Gillette

You were buying a starter at Napa, we joked a bit. I wanted to talk more but, had to go. I was getting two cases of wiper fluid. If you see this, get back to me. Thx

3. Too Classy for Craigslist in Laramie

If you are married, please don't read this. I seen u the other day on Third street putting things in the back of your truck. I was on a scooter, I honked at you. You looked back at me an smiled (crude and explicit remarks deleted). We could hike off in the forest and go skinny dipping in the middle of the night this summer.  I'm forty and I have hazel eyes that change colors with my mood. I am trying to sell my yellow goped in the motorcycle section of Wyoming Craigslist. If u b looking for a goped my contact info be on my 4 stoke Robin Subaru Goped for sale post. If any body out there reading this had a friend that got honked at by a dude on a scooter, please relay this message. She looked a little bit classy to be on Craigslist.

4.  Calling all the single ladies at the Taco John's in Mills

Wouldn't mind getting to know one, or all, of you ladies. You know who I am. I come in for a burrito almost every day. Hit me up if you're interested.

5. The spicy dish at the China Buffet in Cheyenne

To the hot, mature blonde wearing worn out jeans Friday at noon at China Buffet. If you were wanting a man's attention,  you certainly got mine!  I'm sure everyone else in the restaurant didn't have a clue, but I did. I'm so drawn to you physically and would really like to meet you in person.