Apparently the bears in Yellowstone National Park are curious about photography.

During a recent visit to the park, Richard Payne got some awesome pictures of a black bear cub that bravely approached a camera on a tripod setup along side of the road in Yellowstone. Richard stated:

The bear was in a little meadow off the side of the road and was walking up towards the road and when it saw the camera it went running up to it and looked inside it and hit it with its paw. The camera spun around in circles and the bear ran off.

Richard shared the photos in the Facebook group Wyoming through The Lens along with the following message:

No pictures please 😆😆😆.... this was one of those moments that happens so fast ...this Bear was 80 yards to begin with and came running for some reason to this camera on the road. I was glad we were in the car when we took this pic. Please no negative comments not wanting to blame anyone or start trouble thanks 😊

Richard Payne via Facebook
Richard Payne via Facebook

Just to reiterate, Richard and his wife Mimi never exited their vehicle to take the photos.