With a high potential for a severe weather outbreak Monday, emergency management officials want to be sure you have all the resources at hand to stay informed. Natrona County maintains a "Code Red" alert system, a free mass electronic system that can notify you by phone call, text, or email when severe weather warnings are issued.

Natrona County Emergency Management Coordinator Lt. Stew Anderson says one of the advantages of the Code Red system is being able to receive localized alerts. Other alert mechanisms, such as the broadcast Emergency Alert System or weather apps, send notifications when a warning is issued anywhere in the county. When the Weather Service issues a warning for a severe thunderstorm, tornado, or flood, Code Red will alert you for your specific location in the county. For example, if the warning is issued for Powder River and you live in south Casper, you won't get the alert.

Lt. Anderson says they've also reconfigured their procedures for setting off the emergency sirens, which no longer uses the voice alert. "We urge people to get the Code Red application because that will go off within seconds, probably within twenty seconds, of the weather service issuing that warning, while the sirens may go off in a minute or two," says Anderson. "The sirens are designed to warn outdoor people to get their attention and seek further information, and or shelter."

Lt. Anderson says the Code Red Alerts are also used for other situations, such as a missing person or potential danger in your area.

If you haven't already signed up for the Code Red Alert, you can do so through Natrona County's website.

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