This is a death metal battle of the bands - animal edition. Let the title bout BEGIN!! Five enter the ring and only one will leave. Who will reign supreme for the best death metal animal vocal? Will it be death metal rooster? Metal cat? death metal camel? Death metal dog? Or death metal donkey? Let the insanity begin. Watch all the videos then cast your vote.


After seeing his share of lost chicks and hens on the farm, this rooster has had enough. Deep from the poultry Hades, this contender screech makes even banshees wince in fear.


Inspired by System of a Down, this camel bellows and head-bangs its way to this final round. The heat is not the only thing to fear in the desert.


Tired of the bath salts and shampoo, the canine growls and snaps its way to this battle of the bands.This mutt has both bark and bite. Beware of death metal dog.


The feline takes no guff from nobody. Fulled by angst, this cat doesn't chase the laser. That red dot runs from it.


Sick and tired of being a sock puppet for the Democratic party, this jackass had its fill. Now it wants to kick rocks and take everyone down with him.


Cast your vote now. Who is the most brutal? Who is the best death metal vocal?