The bagel originated in the Jewish communities of Poland as early as the 1600's and made their way to the US in the 19th Century and were sold on the streets of New York City. It wasn't until the 1950's when Kraft Foods suggested putting cream cheese on the bagel that the combination became an American staple. In the 1970's Better Homes and Family Circle Magazines put out a bagel and cream cheese recipe book to further the bagel craze.

According to a recent bagel survey, you may be shocked to find out that no Wyoming city is on the list of "best cities for bagel lovers" list. That doesn't mean Wyomingites don't eat bagels, just not as much as other states. From September 2020 to August 2021 there was $1.2 billon worth of bagels sold at stores all over the country.

In Wyoming there are only a few places that focus on making bagels, many of the coffee shops offer up bagels, and you can find the mass produced bagels in the bread and freezer isles of most grocery stores.

When I was a kid, I always thought bagels were only eaten by rich people. We never had bagels or cream cheese in the house. When I'd go to certain family members houses, they always had an assortment of bagel flavors and options of cream cheese and I was always amazed that they had them. These day's my mom regularly has both bagels and cream cheese available in her home.

In the late 90's McDonald's introduced the Bagel breakfast sandwiches and this was my first real experience with a bagel. Now a day's you can go almost anywhere and get the bagel of your choice with the flavor of cream cheese of your choice.

On January 15th, Wyoming along with the rest of the country celebrates National Bagel Day. If you're a fan of the bagel, grab your favorite and indulge Wyomingites have a pretty wide array of favorite bagel flavors. In the small survey we took, it seems the "Everything Bagel" was the most mentioned bagel flavor. After that, there were many different favorites.

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Wyoming's Favorite Bagels

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