There are some new rules regarding gun sales that have been introduced by President Obama.
And those rules have created some confusion for those who sell guns at gun shows, on the internet, or simply person to person.
Until now, someone simply selling a personal firearm, or buying one, did not have to institute and pass a background check.
And according to Lisa Meiman of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, firearms and explosives, that will continue to be the case.
The goal is to weed out those who seem to be selling lots of personal firearms, but are essentially gun dealers. They simply have not obtained a Federal Firearms License, or FFL. They can then avoid the record keeping, and other responsibilities the law requires.
She told K2 Radio news that the ATF will rely largely on tips and customer reports on gun sellers who do a large amount of dealing, and always seem to have new stocks of weapons.
But she says, for the buyer, it shouldn't prevent anyone who is qualified from buying any gun that is legal.
The President’s announcement also included money for 200 new agents for the ATF, which has always been extremely undermanned.
There is more money in the program for mental health treatment and to improve the background check system to include more information on those who have been treated for mental and emotional problems.
Wyoming is one of the states, incidentally, that does not report mental health records to the FBI database.
More information can be found at the ATF website…HERE.