When I first saw this headline I got a little heated about it. Because if you ACTUALLY grew up here you know that not a single thing on this list is true. We love to be outside in the winter time and there are tons of things to do here.

"There's nothing to see here in the winter - it's a barren wasteland."

I've got several reasons as to why this is wrong. I don't know if you have ever been up to the Tetons right after it has snowed but I guarantee that you will never see anything like it. Not to mention it's one of the most peaceful places to be right after a Wyoming snow storm.

"The best trails are totally off limits."

There really is no such thing as off limits when we are talking about hiking/snowshoeing/snowboarding. If you have a means of getting somewhere then trust me you can get there.

"You won't get to see any cool wildlife."

Animals live outside. I'm sure they may be a little harder to find depending on how much snow we have gotten. But it's not like all of the "cool" animals go off to their vacation spots during the winter. We even get to see some pretty cool wildlife right here in Casper from time to time.

"Kids hate the cold, they'll complain the whole time."

I legitimately giggled when I read this! Kids all over Wyoming are making videos the day after a major snowstorm hits in the cowboy state. They are all outside either sledding down a hill or making some sort of creation in/with the snow.

"Our roads are impassable."

This is the only reason that I can mildly agree with only because most of our roads are a single track and that can make it a little stressful to pass on a non-winters day, let alone in blizzard conditions.

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