Since 2009 the Harrison Family in Las Vegas has raised the interest of Pawn Shops to people all over the country. The business must be good for the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, because the show has been airing on the History channel for 20 seasons now.

Pawn Shops didn't pop up when the show began, as a matter of fact according to Vista Pawn, the Pawn Shop concept has been around for over 3,000 years. Beginning with pawnbrokers selling short term credit to workers, then as time moved on, pawning became a common practice.

Pawning things has even funded wars. In 1338, King Edward III pawned the royal jewels to finance a war with France and it's said that Christopher Columbus' voyages to the new world were funded by pawning Queen Isabella of Spain's Jewelry.

Pawn shops are a short term loan business. The item you are looking to pawn is used as the collateral and will be held until your loan is repaid or resold if you forfeit the item.

These days pawning is still in business, Casper is home to many pawn shops. Pawn Shops are an easy and quick way to get money if you're in need. The thing is, you have to have something worth pawning.

Here's how Pawn Shops Work.

  • Take an item you'd like to pawn or sell that holds some value into the shop
  • The item will be assessed to see how much the item (if any at all) would be worth
  • The shop will then determine how much of a loan they could give by taking in many different factors
    • Market Value
    • Market Appeal
    • Condition
    • Brand Name
    • Age of Item
    • Possibility of resale
    • If the item is real or stolen
  • Loan amount or cash value offered

With times being tough for so many people, pawn shops are a possibility to earn cash quickly.

In the world of sites like Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, Ebay or other social media, you may ask the question... 'Why do I need pawn shops'?

There are a 4 reasons why you would want to choose a pawn shop.

  1. Quick Cash - on websites you have to post your item, then wait until you get an offer you can't refuse. Pawn Shops are a quick turn around option
  2. You know what you're getting - even though we all would like to believe everyone on the internet is legit and safe, that's not always the case. In pawn shops, you're in an actual retail business building.
  3. Convenience - Pawn Shops have set hours and constant locations. You don't have to wait for someone to show up or not show up at all.
  4. Pawn Shops are always looking for inventory- Pawn Shops aren't just looking for one particular item, so you can create a long term relationship with them to help you with your items.

Pawn Shops In Casper, Wyoming

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