As a parent of a high school senior, I know how important every single dollar is when considering your child's future education.

College tuition can be pretty daunting, and while kids can always take out student loans, those loans just guarantee that your kid will start their adult life in debt. My son - like many others around the nation - is currently researching every way possible to receive grants and scholarships that will help him offset the cost of furthering his education.

Below is a press release from the Thomas Foundation - a foundation that focuses on students who are at risk. If you, your child, or anybody else you may know would like to learn more about the Thomas Foundation, links are provided in the release:

Cheyenne- Students from Wyoming may apply for fall semester scholarships from the Craig and Susan Thomas Foundation now until May 1, 2015.  The Foundation is dedicated to helping students who have struggled in school and who want to continue their postsecondary education.

Susan Thomas, Foundation director, said, “I believe strongly in Wyoming’s young people who want a second chance in life.  We provide a solid way for them to move forward, to grow, to meet their goals and aspirations.”

Students may download applications on our website at

The scholarships are $1300.00 per semester, include intense mentoring, and are offered one semester at a time. According to Mrs. Thomas, who personally mentors each student, it is important to encourage, to listen, and to provide assistance and guidance to each student as they make their way through higher-learning programs.

The Craig and Susan Thomas Foundation focuses on students who are at risk. Scholarships are a key element of the Foundation. Other programs include grants given to groups that support Foundation goals, and the Leadership Award. This award is given to an adult in Wyoming who has truly gone above and beyond the call of duty to be an advocate for those who need help the most.  The award includes a cash prize of $2500.00 for the winner.