Last week, Angel Rypien won for the second week in a row and is ready for a new challenger. This week's contender is former tennis pro Anna Kournikova and we have a feeling she won't go down quite so easily... Cast your vote in this week's Foxy Free For All!


Lingerie Football Quarterback

Angela is the quarterback of the Seattle squad and if her name seems familiar it’s because her father was former Washington Redskins quarterback Mark Rypien. Angela is our crush today for not only her looks but for her fantastic arm and for following in the family business.

Tee Roy was recently able to catch up with Angela to chat about her domination of the Foxy Free For All and her football career. Click here to listen to the interview.

Anna Kournikova

Former Tennis Pro

Anna Kournikova was a professional tennis player who has used her good looks to become a worldwide brand, even though she never won a singles tennis title and retired years ago. Kournikova has found a career that has taken her much farther than her original choice of tennis ever could.