Looks like rapper Andre Johnson (a.k.a. Christ Bearer), who cut off his penis and then proceeded to jump off of a second-story apartment balcony in North Hollywood yesterday, will live to see another day. Sadly, his detached d--- won't.

Sources claim that Johnson (appropriate last name, no?) tried to kill himself. Sources also claim that "The God" -- as he refers to himself in a recent music video -- was affiliated with the Wu-Tang Clan. The group, which includes almost every other rapper on the planet, says no way.

Either way, according to Los Angeles Police, Johnson was rushed to the local Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where doctors attempted to reattach his member, but with no success.

Apparently, Christ Bearer was a member of Northstar, a rap crew backed by Wu-Tang leader RZA. But it doesn't appear that RZA or Northstar have done much lately. But a day before the incident, Johnson released a new music video with Rugged Monk of Black Knights. You can watch it here:

Right now, details are scarce on what caused Johnson to cut off his penis and then hurl himself off a balcony. Others who were present at the scene claim that they weren't doing drugs and believe that Johnson may have some mental issues. No s---.