Allen Edwards is the new head coach of the University of Wyoming Men's basketball program.

Edwards becomes the 21st head coach of the Cowboy basketball program.

Courtesy Ted Brummond, University of Wyoming

He said he's just excited about the opportunity.

"Since a very young age, obviously basketball, and getting to the highest level was my goal, but being a head coach some day at a major institution was my goal, as well. So, I've always worked toward that... Now for it to be a reality, just shows a lot of your hard work paid off."

Edwards knows now that it's here, he's got to work harder to keep it going in the right direction.

One part Edwards said fans might not be aware of is that he's a pretty easy-going guy.

"I want to be the state's (Wyoming's) head coach. I want to be that guy when you see me in Walmart, you come up and talk to me."

He knows he's in a different position now, but believes they've got to work together to reach a common goal. Edwards also feels everything is in place for the program to take the next step.

He says you won't see anything new out of me and describes himself as positive, energetic, optimistic and is obsessed with improving.

"I have the same expectations for our guys. (To) become a better player, better student, better person and better son; all that stuff, if you take care of it, winning comes naturally."

Earlier Monday, Coach Shyatt announced he was stepping down as head coach.


Edwards has compiled 12 appearances in postseason tournaments and 14 conference championships as a player and assistant coach over the past 14 years.

He has agreed to a five-year contract with UW that includes a base salary of $200,004 per year. With other guaranteed compensation of $290,000, the total annual guaranteed compensation is $490,004. That could increase with performance-based incentives.

Wyoming Athletics Director Tom Burman said in a university release,

"An institution is fortunate when it has the opportunity to hire its next head coach from within a successful program. Larry Shyatt's Cowboy basketball legacy has allowed us to do that. We are thrilled to place its future in the hands of Allen Edwards. His basketball pedigree is undeniable, including two national championships with one of the game's most storied programs, Kentucky. He has coached with, and played under some of the game's finest coaches. During his five years here, his impact on our program has been significant, while earning the respect of our players. We believe Wyoming basketball has an extremely bright future."

Edwards, and his wife LaTanya, have three children. He will be 40 years old when the 2016-17 season begins.