While their new disc ‘Burials’ won’t make its debut until this fall when it’s officially released on Oct. 22, AFI’s new video for ’17 Crimes’ invokes feelings of the summertime, serving up a perfect anthem for the fleeting season.

Since revealing all the details about ‘Burials’ in late July, AFI have been four men on a mission, first releasing the first single and video ‘I Hope You Suffer,’ and now following up with their second single and video for ’17 Crimes.’

The video for ’17 Crimes’ features clips of the band performing in an empty house that’s under construction, mixed with clips of carefree teens ransacking the same house – although, unfortunately for the teens, not at the same time. Check it out above.

Sound-wise ’17 Crimes’ is a large departure from ‘I Hope You Suffer,’ showing yet another facet that ‘Burials’ will have to offer.

Leading up to the release of ‘Burials,’ AFI will hit the road with dates kicking off on Sept. 17 in Minneapolis, Minn. and currently wrapping up on Nov. 2 in Vancover, British Columbia. Check out all the dates by clicking below: