Former Disney Channel star Tahj Mowry wore the brown and gold for a short time.

The 'Smart Guy' lead actor and 'Sister Sister' star had a successful high school football career in California and after one season at Savannah State University, Mowry transferred to the University of Wyoming.

The 5'7 168 lb sophomore participated in spring camp with the Pokes in 2005. He practiced as a running back and with the special teams squad.

Mowry recently told USA Today he felt like he was being targeted on the field more than other players because of his fame...

It was like they were going after me, even if I didn't have the ball. Oh I like your show, I'm going to hit you that much harder."

After spring camp and a summer in the Cowboy State Tahj decided he'd had enough...

"I was like you know what, it's too cold in Wyoming. I just want to act again."

Mowry is working currently on Freeform's 'Baby Daddy.'