There's no active band on earth that personifies rock as much as AC/DC. The genre flows through the Australian group's collective veins, and to prove it further, AC/DC will launch their newest album, 'Rock or Bust,' in a small New South Wales town literally called the Rock.

The Rock is a small town in Lockhart Shire. According to QPZM LocatStats, the Rock boasts a population of just over 1,000 residents as of 2011. Though the population may not be dense, any place named the Rock is alright in AC/DC's book and deserves its due.

On Nov. 23, nine days before the album's Dec. 2 U.S. release date, residents of the Rock (plus a an inevitable rush of tourists) will be the first to hear 'Rock or Bust' in full at a venue located in the town. Sadly, the members of AC/DC aren't scheduled to attend the album premiere.

"It's fantastic for the town," Lockhart Shire Council's Tourism and Economic Development officer, Jennifer Connor, told the regional Eastern Riverina Chronicle. "The AC/DC Rock or Bust markets will be a one-off event that will put the Rock on the international map for an impressive worldwide fan base but more than that it offers our locals an amazing day out."

'Rock or Bust' is the first album AC/DC recorded without founding guitarist Malcolm Young, who has been suffering from dementia following a stroke. Drummer Phil Rudd's role in the band is also currently in question, as he was arrested on murder-for-hire charges earlier this week. The charges were dropped, though Rudd still faces punishment for "threatening to kill" along with meth and weed possession.

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