Travel site seems to love to compare the 50 states in oh-so-many ways. Now they add for your perusal, if not your approval, “The Best Movie That Takes Place in Every State.” Thrillist claims to have picked, “Films that represent a state’s place in the nation’s collective consciousness.” For Wyoming, you can be judge of whether or not they did a good job of that. Is Wyoming’s movie truly, “Brokeback Mountain?”

From Arizona’s “Raising Arizona” to Indiana’s “Hoosiers” to Kansas and “The Wizard of Oz,” you get the picture of pictures and state’s “identity.” You may really enjoy seeing thrillist’s 49 other choices. And most of them might seem perfectly appropriate, even if stereo-typical. Are you satisfied that they captured the Cowboy State with “Brokeback Mountain?”

The author of the original Brokeback Mountain story did live in Wyoming for a while, but it is also mentioned that most of the movie was filmed in the Canadian Rockies.

Here’s a quick look at the titles for Wyoming’s neighbors:

Colorado  South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut 

Idaho  Napoleon Dynamite

Montana  Thunderbolt and Lightfoot

Nebraska  Election

South Dakota  Badlands

Utah  127 Hours

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