I've been really impressed with the art options that Casper and the rest of Wyoming have to offer. With scenery as pretty as we have in the Cowboy State, it only makes sense that the art game is strong.

When you drive around the area, you'll surely see the murals that are on the side of buildings, the colorful boxes at intersections, monuments and statues, many museums and studios all over.

One artist in particular is Travis Glasgow the 'Double Exposure' artist that's making waves in the art scene by combining wildlife and landscape photos. Using skills that he's been building for years with photography and graphic design. The Double Exposure technique is something that's taken years to get the exact formula down.

Travis has a keen eye for finding the the right combination between animal and landscape, then takes the two and blends them together. Using the Wyoming landscape is important to the artform and it gives it that Wyoming flare that really makes it stand out. The blending process is done with using the photo editing program photoshop and the skills he's gained from over 20 years of graphic design work.

On the horizon, Travis has a few things in the works that will expand his artform to others outside of Wyoming. He's signed a licensing agreement with an international fabric company called Hoffman Fabrics that will use his designs in certain fabric patterns. Travis is also working on a couple upcoming projects from a recent trip to Devil's Tower that will put the nations first National Monument as the centerpiece.

Some of Travis' work that you may recognize is his piece called 'Rugged Beauty' that has been a rotating display at the Wyoming Capital and the Wyoming State Museum. His work has been on display at ART321 in Casper and he's working on future displays that will go on display all around the state. To purchase this extraordinary artwork, it's up for sale at his online store or if you're looking to have a custom piece designed at 307store.com

Casper Artist Travis Glasgow Spreading Unique Wyoming Art

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