Inventors and entrepreneurs have many tools to help get their ideas from dreams to reality. Crowdfunding is a modern way to get funding for many ideas. Websites like Kickstarter offer platforms to gather capital to get a project off the ground.

Someone who is trying to get their project off the ground first creates a Kickstarter funding page. They offer several levels of support for backers with perks for each level. If the project meets its financial goal by the deadline, the funds go to the project. If the goal is not achieved, the backers keep their money.

We searched Kickstarter for projects that originated in Wyoming. There are some that worked, and some that flopped. Can we learn from others failures? What can we gain from others success? That is all up to you.

  • Fail – Tommy Toddler Potty Trainer

    This Casper inventor did not reach their goal of $30,000 for this potty training gadget. Either the goal was too lofty or they didn't market this idea well enough. I don’t know, maybe if they turned this into a drinking game for bars it could make another round.

  • Win - Riverton Skate Park

    Central Wyoming Skateboarding Association put together a Kickstarter campaign to finish upgrading a skate park in Riverton. They were able to raise over $12,000.

  • Fail – FishOly Ice Fishing Tip-Up

    To me this sounds like a good idea, but maybe there was not enough demand for this product. This Casper Mountain Kickstarter failed to make its goal of $100,000. They did get backers to reach $2,210, but those funds were not collected because it failed to reach the goal.

  • Win - Brother Wind

    Brother Wind out of Casper raised enough money to launch their debut album “Painted With Touch.” Their goal was $800, but the backers gave them $1,225.

  • Fail - Rogue Harvest RPG Game

    Video game developers also use Kickstarter to gain momentum on a project. This game Rogue Harvest failed on its campaign, but the developer didn't stop there on his dream. The game is available for download on Steam.

  • Win - Teton Cougar Project

    Craighead Beringia South wanted to raise funds to help them study cougars in the Southern Yellowstone ecosystem. The Kickstarter was used to buy trail cameras. They were able to reach their goal of $8,000.

  • Fail - Next Level Athleate

    Thomas Northcut, Getty Images

    Some Kickstarter campaigns are just … well, half baked. This project may have had good intention but as a business didn't have legs. It is for a website to help athletes market themselves on social media. This project may have a good idea, but he gave backers no real reason to invest. There was not a “This is how I am going to make this work.” Without any of that this project had no backing towards its goal of $5000.