I've come to the realization my voice is distinctive and people notice.
More often than not, when I'm out and speak to people, they get this look of recognition in their eyes and ask, "you're the guy from the radio, right?' I lie sometimes. It happened at a local drive-thru recently.

Well, I thought I'd give you a look at the man behind the 'voice.'


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    I must put on my right shoe and sock on first. This comes from breaking my right ankle more than 3 times. It keeps the evilness away!

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    I don't like odd numbers. Strange for a guy born on the 9th day of the month of February. I can't tell you where it comes from. I'm the person who will stand at a gas pump until I get even numbers.

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    I don't like my voice. Hard to describe what I mean by that statement. I will try to explain. What I hear coming out of me, sounds nothing like the recorded product. Strange that the vehicle that drives my life is a conundrum for me.

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    I was an athlete from third grade until I was twenty two years old. The dream of professional sports faded on me in college. That's when the realization set in that you need talent to make the next level, which was way more talent than I possessed. I'm not stupid!

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    I credit my mother for my love of music. Growing up she loved the Motown Sound and owned a pretty nice collection. Her youngest brother listened to The Beatles and a lot of rock radio. My destiny was sealed.

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    I think the possibility of there being other life forms exist. Not crazy, just realistic that anything is possible.

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    I cry during the National Anthem. I appreciate America! I respect our military and the men and women who serve our country!