I realize that I'm kinda late to the party, but I've just now started watching Longmire. Here's a list of 5 weird things I've learned since I started watching the show.

1. Someone must die at the beginning of every episode

This is not a complaint, but just an observation. Within the first two minutes of a Longmire episode, someone bites the bullet. It makes sense since the basis of the show is Walt Longmire and his deputies solving crimes. So, I guess I'm playing the role of Captain Obvious again.

2. People that love Longmire REALLY love Longmire

Since I've just now gotten into this show, I've started mentioning it to my neighbors. I don't think I've said the word "Longmire" without it ending up in a 30 minute conversation about which character was their favorite and why there needs to be another season.

3. Some parts of New Mexico really look like Wyoming

When my wife and I started watching Longmire, I thought "wow, it's cool that someone's making a TV show in Wyoming". Wrong. It's pretty much all been filmed in New Mexico. Could have fooled me. I forgot how mountainous some parts of New Mexico are. Well played, Longmire producers.

2. My wife smiles really weird when Branch Connally comes on the screen

She denies it, but whenever we need to pause Longmire, Branch Connally is almost always on the screen. What a wild coincidence.

1. I kinda look like The Ferg

The resemblance is uncanny. I have to admit that I kinda look like The Ferg. My wife never seems to pause the TV when he's on-screen. (*sad face*)

This isn't a weird thing, but gotta say that Lou Diamond Phillips has always been underrated. Great actor in Young Guns and still great today. Big fan. Like many, I really hope that the powers that be decide to bring Longmire back. One of the best shows I've ever watched.

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