There's a few ways to really irritate someone from Wyoming, and if you're wise, we'd suggest you stay away from these examples.

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    Asking Stupid Questions About Our State

    Do you even have electricity there? Is it like the wild west? Are there paved roads?

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    Complaining About Our Weather

    We know it's windy, we know it gets cold. We're tougher than you are.

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    Telling Us There's Nothing To Do

    We seem to find plenty of fun. But, if you'd rather have bumper to bumper traffic and two hour waits for dinner, by all means stay away from our state.


    Insulting Our Wyoming Cowboys

    Do we win a lot of championships? Nope. But, we do have some of the most loyal fans and dedicated athletes around that we're very proud of.

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    Telling Us How Boring The Interstate Is

    If you want to really get to know our state, get off of the interstate. If not, then just keep cruising until you hit the border.