Everyone and their dog has a Facebook account (Haven't we all seen Thomas Gobbles' page?) It is a great way to keep up with friends and family. However, there are some things that the Cowboy State should stop doing on Facebook. Some are just in bad taste, and some are just annoying.

  • Asking for Medical Advice on Facebook

    moodboard, ThinkStock

    Are your friends all doctors and nurses? No, then don't ask for a medical advice for "what this is on my baby's butt?" or "Should I get this mole looked at?" I know you are just concerned but ask a professional. Or at least ask around to find the best pediatrician or dermatologist in town. Don't ask Facebook or post pictures. That rash may come back to haunt your kid when he/she is in high school.

  • Stop Taking Duck Face Selfies

    Please, please, please ... stop taking duck face photos. Each time I see one, I want to Photoshop the person in the photo slurping up a spaghetti noodle. Ladies, you look beautiful just the way you are. Take photos of ducks, not duck face selfies.

  • Taking Video in Portrait Mode

    DJ Nyke, Townsquare Media

    How you hold your phone makes all the difference when recording video. When recording a video hold your phone longways like the picture above. If you don't you will get those annoying black lines on the side of the video. It maks you look like an amateur.

  • If You Can't Say Something Nice...

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    Wyoming has some of the nicest people on the planet. So why then on Facebook do people act so rudely? Even if it was just a joke in your mind, you could be poking fun of someone's heartfelt traditions. Plus you never know what people are going through. Be humble and kind. Mean words are hard to erase.

  • If It's on The Facebook, It Must Be True


    There is so much miss-information out there these days. From inaccurate memes to satire that is taken for truth and news stories that are just fake, the internet is full of tricksters. Know your source. Read the story before you share it with your friends. Be skeptical, and if in doubt about something, don't share it. Remember Google is always a few clicks away as a fact-checking tool.