I love traveling and meeting new people. But, folks in other parts of the country just don't seem to know how to react when you tell them you're from Wyoming.

There are a handful of the same questions I get when I first tell people where I live...

  • 1

    Are You A Cowboy?

    What if I told you not everyone from Wyoming was a cowboy? But to be fair, we all probably at least know one.

  • 2

    Do you ride your horse everywhere?

    I mean, people ride horses here. But mainly we take automobiles on trips.

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  • 3

    What do you do there for fun?

    Actually lots of things... hiking, ATVing, fishing, skiing, snowboarding, camping, and when we do get bored we go bug the people of Colorado.

  • 4

    Are there paved roads?

    Yes, but you can also find plenty of dirt roads if that's your thing.

  • 5

    Are you packing heat?

    Absolutely, so knock it off with these assumptions!