The only constant in life is change, but there are some things that we never want to change about Casper. These are the reasons we are proud to call Casper home. These are the reasons why we put up with the wind and cold. They are a few of the reasons why this town is awesome.


Great Schools


Great schools that are better than the national average. According to Casper has a 15:1 Student to Teacher ratio. Over 87% of our population have completed high school and 23% have a bachelor’s degree.


Family Friendly Town

Wojciech Gajda

It is okay to let your child walk home from school. When the town has a festival or concert there is always fun things for young ones to do. There many family friendly things to do in Casper like museums and other activities for children.


Great Hunting and Fishing

Wojciech Gajda

There are a ton of great lakes and rivers that have not been over fished. The human population is small, and in return the wildlife has plenty of room to live and grow. That makes for good hunting.


Friendly People

People care for each other. When we see a car broken down on the side of the road, people get out and help. When someone needs a helping hand, it is easy to find someone that is willing.


Small Town with Everything You Need

Kenneth Sponsler

Even though the town population is relatively small, we still have everything we need. There are plenty of big box stores to get clothes to food. We have the largest mall in Wyoming. There are plenty of restaurants, as well as golf courses and distilleries.