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    A Wyoming Wall Of Fossil Fish

    This seller (from Arizona) has offered a strange decorative concoction of fossil fish, obtained from the Green River formation of Southwest Wyoming. 36 fish, with fan favorites like the Cockerellites Liops, the Diplomystus Dentatus, and who could forget, the Knightia Eocaena. We honestly have no idea what the hell any of those mean, but if you've got a spare twelve grand burning a hole in your pocket, you could deck out your place with an interesting Wyoming conversation starter.

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    Old National Bank Note From Laramie

    Perhaps some old-school Wyoming currency would be more your speed. For an ask of $2,499 - you could be the proud owner of this $10 bank note from the Albany National Bank in Laramie, circa 1902.

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    Wyoming Chanel Fur Biker Boots

    For the low, low price of $1,106.25 (random, much?) - you could be the proud owner of some Wyoming fur-covered "biker boots", from Chanel - the choice of discerning bikers everywhere, surely. Go ahead, slide 'em on, crank this up loud, and get ready to show off your Dumb and Dumber fashion sense proudly to your fellow Wild Hogs. Just be ready to accelerate quickly.

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    A Wyoming Dinosaur Claw

    Back in the Jurassic age, Wyoming was dinosaur country - home to some of the largest animals to have ever lived on land. And fossils of some of our prehistoric friends are all over eBay - including this perfectly preserved claw from a Sauropod. It'll set you back a grand, but it beats  your roommate's Jurassic Park DVD box set as a conversation starter.

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    A Wyoming Cast Iron Skillet

    Wyoming's skillet is just 1/48 of this massive collection - why not live a little, and splurge for the whole contiguous United States? These limited-edition cast iron pieces join together like a puzzle, created by FeLion Studios owner Alisa Toninato "as an ode to American optimism". If you're optimistic that you could write a check for $30,140 - heck, pick up the whole country's worth. Wyoming skillet-lovers only can snag the cast iron Cowboy State for $730. (If you're on a budget, you might want to consider the tiny Rhode Island model, at $160.) Just stay away from Texas, where everything's bigger - the skillet, and the price ($2,250).