There is quite literally a holiday for everything, but today is a summer favorite. August 3rd is National Watermelon Day.

To celebrate, here are 5 weird, but true facts about this summer favorite.

  • 1

    Fruit or Vegetable?

    Watermelon is considered both a fruit and vegetable. The fruit portion (the center) is the most often eaten, but the rind is often used for stir-fry and pickling.

  • 2

    Good For The Health

    Watermelon has been said to help prevent or reduce asthma, high blood pressure, cancer, dehydration, inflammation, indigestion and muscle soreness.

    Liv Friis-Larsen
  • 3

    Fruit of Many Colors

    Watermelons come in many colors and shades including: scarlet red, coral red, orange, salmon yellow, canary yellow or white.

  • 4

    Shape Your Melons

    There are places in Japan that actually specially grow watermelons into squares. Originally intended for space efficiency in small refrigerators, there have been other farms that have begun growing watermelons into other shapes like hearts and pyramids.

  • 5

    Eat It All!

    We now know that the center of a watermelon is a fruit, the rind can be used as a vegetable, but the seeds are edible as well. That means you can literally eat the entire watermelon.

    Noel Hendrickson