I am proud of now being a true Wyomingite. That inspired me to go on a quest to acquire things to celebrate my state. The led to a discovery of 5 strange Wyoming things on Amazon that also happen to be awesome.

A Totally Bamboo Wyoming Cutting Board

Totally Bamboo via Amazon

Here's part of the description on Amazon for this incredible cooking tool:

  • Fun, whimsical laser-engraved artwork calls out all the wonderful sights and places in the state from Cheyenne to Jackson, Casper to Evanston, Yellowstone to Medicine Bow and much more; board measures 14-1/4" x 11" x 5/8"

I find it impressive that they put the wagon train over Casper to give us our Oregon Trail cred and Douglas gets the Jack-a-lope. Food would taste better fixed on this thing.

Wyoming Cowboy Fan Mats

Fanmats via Amazon

The floor mats (aka "fan mats") would likely increase the value of your vehicle by a couple thousand dollars. Or, maybe not, but still something I think would be awesome to have.

DVD of The Redhead From Wyoming Movie

Outlet Promotions via Amazon

Check out the plot of this movie as described on Amazon:

In this action-packed, 1870s western, Maureen O'Hara sparkles as Kate Maxwell, a saloon proprietress caught between her feelings for suave promoter Jim Averell (William Bishop) and the town's appealing, but less flamboyant, sheriff (Alex Nicol). Unknown to Kate, Jim, who has set her up to buy and sell mavericks, is using her saloon as a clearinghouse for rustled beef.

You know if you see one of us redheads in Wyoming, there is a chance we're involved in some sort of scam involving rustled beef. Classic.

Fancy Knee-high Wyoming Socks

CYMO via Amazon

You know you'd be wearing these to the Eastridge Mall while wearing cargo shorts. That's Wyoming style for sure.

A Wyoming Love Story

Lacy Williams via Amazon

Everyone loves a good Wyoming love story. Here's the author's description:

She’s a reclusive homesteader who hoped to never see him again. But when she rescues the deputy, she might just be stuck with him…

Don't be surprised if we don't read a few paragraphs of this on the radio show. Romance Wyoming style.