I know what most of you are thinking about 'Star Wars Episode 7.' 1,2, and 3 weren't great, so why will 7 be any better? If you don't follow my pattern, you're not a 'Star Wars' fan so just leave now...

Here are 5 reasons you should actually care about the new movie.


Harrison Ford will play Han Solo again. He even makes an appearance in the trailer. We will hopefully get to learn some of the story of what Han has been up to for so many years.


I can't just throw Han Solo in the list and leave Chewy out. Chewy makes an appearance in the trailer, too. Han looks older, Chewy kinda looks the same.

3. History

The trailer gives us a cool tease about learning some history of the characters we know and love. A chilling shot in the trailer shows the decaying Darth Vader mask.

4. John Williams conducts the musical score again.

If you're a fan of 'Star Wars,' you undoubtedly know how much the music adds to it. John Williams is one of the most famous and talented composers in our era.

5. Because, it's Star Wars... 

Even if you expect it to suck a little, and it probably will, it's still 'Star Wars.' Nothing will beat the original trilogy, ever, so get over that right now. We'll never have another 'Star Wars,' so take it for what it's worth and enjoy it!

Now, here's that trailer...



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