For me, summertime in Wyoming is the BEST, and I will miss it dearly for the next 9 months.

However, fall is a close runner-up for the best season in our state, at least in my humble opinion. Here's my top 5 reasons you should be anxious for autumn.

  1. Construction wrapping-up. The old joke is there's two seasons in Wyoming - Winter and Construction. The good news about fall is, all of the "cone-zones" will be wrapping up work before the first snowfall.
  2. Back to school time . Maybe the kiddos of Wyoming don't think this is such a good thing, but parents, this might be a welcome relief to your day.
  3. Changing Colors. Okay, so we're not New England. But, the foliage in Wyoming isn't half bad!
  4. Outdoor Activities. It's perfect weather to get outside and do something active. With 60-70 degree highs, grab a light jacket and hit a trail!
  5. Football season. Friday night lights are back at your local high school, Saturday afternoons are back at War Memorial Stadium! Go Pokes!
Tell us what your favorite thing about fall in Wyoming is!