Social media has a habit of getting outraged about outrage... does that make any sense?

The only thing we like more than getting upset, is being upset about people that are upset about things...

We have all seen people reacting to the "haters" of the new Starbucks red cups, but where are the actual haters?

Here's proof Starbucks is cashing in on these holiday neutral cups...

  1. Starbucks has always used the power of social media. If we're talking about Starbucks, we desire it.
  2. The millennial general has a strong fear of being left out. They want to come up with their own witty social media post about the cups, so they go buy one.
  3. Starbucks stock this week has increased.
  4. I talked with one Wyoming barista Tuesday morning who said there have been significantly more customers than usual the last few days.
  5. Because any publicity is good publicity if it's for a product Americans love, and we do love our coffee.