There is an estimated 2.01 billion active monthly Facebook users throughout the world. Facebook is also the most popular social media platform. With those facts in mind, it's time for some Casper-centric Facebook etiquette tips.

Now, we're not just picking on us lovely Oil City folk, but since we live here, and for the most part, do things a little differently then the rest of the country, these hints and tips are more specific to us.

1.) Stop Forwarding Obvious Hoaxes: most of perpetrators of this infraction are folks that aren't too tech savy or those overly worried about hackers.There are also the people that believe everything they read online, but a good safe practice is to just stop forwarding ANYTHING via Messenger that's not a personal message, pic or video.

2.) Stop Making Numerous Profiles: if you end up Facebook jail, deal with it! If you forget your password, there's a handy dandy forgot account button you can click on. If you can't remember which phone number or email address is attached to your account, you probably don't deserve ANY social media account anyway.

3.) Spread Some Joy: we do realize bad things do happen and you may want to share those experiences just as much as the positive. We get that and understand, but EVERYTHING you post shouldn't be negative... all the time!  If that's the case, you don't need Facebook. You need a counselor and/or a psychiatrist.

4.) Don't Post All Your Personal Business: while it's okay to post pics and vids of you having a few drinks with besties, you may not want to post the ones of you blazing a doobie. While it may be legal in some states, your job (or DFS) might still strongly frown upon it. Along the same lines, if you called in sick to work, you probably don't want to post about getting a foot massage or getting your hair did where your boss or jealous co-workers might see.

5.) Be Cognizant of Family & Friends: you should always be aware of who can see your content. This goes hand and hand with #4. If your children, grandparents, co-workers, church members, gym buddies, etc. don't know about your freaky side, but you're constantly posting sexually-fueled memes or other explicit innuendo, they'll know soon enough! Know your audience.

Honorable Mention - Don't Like Your Posts & Pics: Honestly, it just seems a little "a-hole" like. Nothing says I'm conceited and/or self-absorbed quite like giving yourself a like.

*This was all done in good fun and hopefully you at least giggled to yourself while reading, but these won't hurt to actually practice. The world as a whole already thinks Wyoming folk are backwoods, horse-riding nincompoops. Let's not give them a reason to continue that nonsense.* 

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