I came across an article on movoto.com that has a series of photos taken in Wyoming. While many people (mostly new-arrivals) complain about our weather and lack of people, technology, etc., I love this state.

I moved to Casper, WY in 1994. Living in places like Denver, the Seattle area, San Diego, and more, it was a huge culture shock when I went from millions of people to thousands. Not only is our state full of wide-open spaces, it's sparsely populated, and doesn't have many of the amenities of the more populated states.

To some people, these are reasons to move elsewhere. For me, after 20 years, they're reasons to stay. The people are great, the atmosphere is relaxed, the wildlife is abundant, and the sites are stunning.

If you need further proof, check out the pictorial below...but don't tell too many people - tourists are great for the economy, but annoying when they come in too big of droves.