Before a couple weeks ago, I'd never heard of Skijoring. If you're not sure what Skirjoring is, imagine you're on a pair of skis gliding across the water being pulled by a boat...replace the water with snow & ice and replace the boat with a horse. That is Skijoring.

Saratoga Skijoring 2
Drew Kirby, Townsquare Media

Each race consists of three contestants...The horse, rider and skier. The three go down the 700ft track with the skier going over multiple jumps collecting hanging rings with their arms, the rider also has to collect a ring, all while the horse is zipping down the track.

There are three major objectives for the skier

  1. Stay on his or her feet
  2. Collect all skier rings
  3. Go over all 3 jumps and go through all ski gates on the course

The horse rider's objectives are

  1. Stay on horse
  2. Keep horse moving as quick as possible on course
  3. Collect rider ring

The horses objectives

  1. Go Fast
  2. Go Straight

Saratoga started their Skijoring races in 2017 and this year, the two day event had 82 team competing in the races Saturday with a nice turnout of spectators. There were three divisions in this weekends event.

Junior Division - 12 teams

Novice Division - 28 teams

Open 3-D Division - 47 teams

Saratoga Skijoring Horses
Drew Kirby, Townsquare Media

Wyoming has multiple Skijoring events each year other than the races in Saratoga.

Pinedale Winter Carnival coming up Feb 12-13

Sundance Winter Festival had to be cancelled because of lack of snow

Sheridan is expected to have their Winter Rodeo coming up February 12-20 with Skijoring Saturday February 19th. 

Check out some of the action from Saratoga on Saturday February 5th.

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