I spend so much time on Zillow looking for Wyoming log cabins, it's almost criminal. I'm not sure how, but one log cabin on Casper Mountain escaped my view - until now.

There is a Zillow listing, but I prefer to go to the actual local realtor website when I can find it. In this case, this Casper Mountain log cabin is from TeamWyoCity.com. The literal address is shown as 1725 East End, Casper, but it's easier to just say it's on our mountain.

Here are 14 pics of this gorgeous log cabin that only has an asking price currently of a 100 grand.

Casper Mountain Log Cabin

For whatever reason, I don't see the Casper Mountain log cabins on Zillow very often. This beauty appears to have had a price drop a couple weeks ago to the current asking price of $100,000. You can check out more specific details on the realtor website if you can picture yourself in a log cabin on Casper Mountain.

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