When fire engulfed 12-year-old Justin Jackon’s Milton, FL, home on Sunday at 2AM, his mother was at work and his father was out of state. So if anyone was going to save his four younger siblings, it was going to have to be him.

Knowing what he had to do, Allen made three trips back into the burning home. The most harrowing was when he pulled out his three-year-old sister, who remained asleep during the ordeal.

“I had to pick her up and she was real stiff. I was just real scared at that point,” said Justin, who also had to kick a door in to gain clear access to her room.

Not only did he save his younger brothers and sister, but Justin had the presence of mind to let the four family dogs out. (Although, sadly, two still perished in the flames.)

The house ended up burning to the ground, but Justin downplayed talk that he was a hero. “Not really,” he said when asked if he thought what he did was heroic. “I was just helping my family and stuff.”

Justin’s aunt, Cri Jackson, disagrees with his modest assessment.

“He ran back in not once, not twice, but three times to save his siblings,” she said. “He’s our little hero.”

Learn more about Justin — who we have no problem laying the hero tag on — in the video below.