In light of recent tragedies, many folks around the Cowboy State are looking for ways to positively connect and strengthen communities. Many folks have heard of "Pay it Forward"  and the concept of helping one another.

Here are a few thank you ideas for Wyoming:

1. Pay For A Meal. 

Pay for someone's meal behind you in line at a fast food place. Let your neighbor have a memorable meal today. Oles are even better on the house.

2. Buy Someone a Coffee. 

The next time you are out getting a caffeinated beverage, offer to buy someone a coffee. Coffeehouses are great places for communal sharing. Help each other stay warm.

3. Organize a Donation or Gift Collection for Those in Need.

There are plenty of individuals in Las Vegas and Puerto Rico that could use our assistance. Contact your local church or community group and see if they need a volunteer. There are things we can do if we choose.

4. Shovel Your Neighbor's Walk.

Wyoming is getting snow all over, why not lend a hand to a neighbor. There are few greater neighbors than one who shovels another's walk.

5. Reach Out With Empathy. 

Reach out to any family or friends and listen to their stories. Many folks need a friendly ear during a tragedy, and in today's social media based world, it can sometimes be difficult to find. Be the change.

6. Say, "Yes!"

Say yes when a friend, relative or even stranger ask if you could lend a hand. Wyoming is a state built upon small-town values and community strength. Be Wyoming strong.

7. Donate Skills and Services.

Offer any skill or service that could benefit a person or organization without financial means. A great skill can be invaluable for many small businesses or non-profits.

8. Return lost items. 

If it isn't yours return it. Remember, it isn't a matter if you expect people to return your stuff, it is about being a better person and helping one another out. Remember that for some, a returned wallet may mean food for their children or rent for the family. It could make or break many households.

9. Open Doors and Pick Up Dropped Items

In Wyoming, most folks already do this. Be kind and hold the door for someone. Help them fight the wind when needed. In addition, pick up anything a person may drop. let them know you care.

10. Create a Care Package for Someone. 

Many military folks appreciate receiving care packages. This is a great way to share support for service member friends, family members and heroes.

The most important thing to remember is to be the change and positively influence one another.

Some of these have been amended from the list here.

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