The search is on for Casper's Biggest Football Fan and Foss Motors is ponying up a new kegerator for the winner.  Here's some tips for submitting your photo, depending on your favorite team.

1.  If you're a Raiders fan and you don't have a jersey to pose in, just send in your latest mug shot.

2. All women in Andrew Luck jerseys must be clean shaven.  No exceptions

3. In lew of posing in a Tony Romo jersey, Dallas Cowboys fans can also dress as referees.

4. If you're over 250 lbs and you have a cheese stain on your shirt, you are eligible to enter as a Packers fan.

5. New England Patriots fans who don't own Tom Brady jerseys are eligible to submit pictures of any man wearing Uggs and carrying his wife's purse.

6.  Anyone wearing an Aaron Hernandez jersey must have an authentic neck tattoo.

7. Any votes for fans in Chad Henne, Christian Ponder, Case Keenum, Kellen Clemens, and Mike Glennon jerseys will automatically be credited to the dude in the Joe Flacco Ravens jersey.

8. Only lime green Seattle Seahawks jerseys will be accepted. Any other shade of green will be credited to the University of Oregon.

9.  Anyone wearing a Jay Cutler jersey must pose with a smug, snarky and vaguely disinterested expression on their face.

10. Broncos fans in Tim Tebow jerseys are discouraged from "Tebowing" in their photos.