We get bored here every so often at the radio station. When that happens, the conversations get weird (well, weirder…) Today, we were talking about things you can do in town when you get bored, and the conversation – as usual – went from serious to odd in just a matter of seconds. Such is life. Below is a list of 10 things to do in Casper when you’re bored:


1. Go into different business’ and swap out business cards - either with their competition, or someone else who has absolutely nothing to do with them (i.e. trade out Brattis Meat Market cards with Planned Parenthood).

2. Place “Free Chili Inside” signs on all of the port-a-potties at the North Casper Softball fields.

3. Go to Metro Animal Shelter, and ask if they allow conjugal visits. If they say no, ask how much to rent a dog for 20 minutes.

4. Try eating at Casper’s – sober…

5. Try to drive from PV to Hat Six Road without being cut-off by someone who insists on going 5-15 mph under the speed limit (bet you can’t…)

6. Drive around town and throw a candy bar in every single pool.

7. Go to Target, buy some chocolate, go into the bathroom, melt the chocolate under the hand-dryer, rub it on your hands, then walk out and tell every employee you see that they are out of toilet paper.

8. Go to Christina’s, wander around aimlessly until a representative asks if you need help, and say “I’m new to this whole being a woman thing…what type of thong can I wear that won’t rip the stitches?”

9. Play tag with random people at Wal-Mart – but don’t let them know what you’re doing.

10. Go to Home Depot and tell the employees that you just dropped a doozy, and you can’t get one of their floor-model toilets to flush…