Have you ever considered a Wyoming "stay-cation?" Even if you've lived in Wyoming all your life, chances are there's a few spots you haven't seen yet. Not only does Wyoming have some great destinations, it's choices for overnight lodging are superb in a lot of areas.

Check out some of my favorite, unique, Wyoming hotels!

  1. The Plains Hotel - Cheyenne  Not only is it a great, historic building, it's also about your only choice for downtown lodging. It was once regarded as one of the largest and fanciest hotels in the west, and rumor has it there are ghosts! 
  2. The Irma Hotel - Cody  Buffalo Bill's spot! He helped build the hotel and named it for his daughter in 1902. Famous historical figures such as Annie Oakley, Fredric Remington, Calamity Jane have all stayed at the Irma.
  3. Old Faithful Inn/Lodges - Yellowstone To get the complete Yellowstone experience, stay a while at the Old Faithful Inn, or rent a cabin through Old Faithful Lodges! Either way - don't expect TV or many modern amenities. The reason you're there is to be outside!
  4. The Historic Virginian Hotel - Medicine Bow Standing since 1911, the Virginian has been a staple of the west. There are just 16 rooms, which is good because Medicine Bow doesn't have a lot to do. I recommend checking out one of the four antique suites if you can book it!
  5. The Historic Elk Mountain Hotel - Elk Mountain Built in 1905 the Elk Mountain Hotel is another historical gem with elegant rooms with tremendous views. The road closes near Elk Mountain often, so if you get stuck, book it quick!
  6. The Occidental Hotel - Buffalo A favorite of Teddy Roosevelt. They have a great steakhouse and feature many bluegrass and western bands.
  7. The Wort Hotel - Jackson If you're looking for a convenient spot to explore Jackson with some historical charm, the Wort is a great choice. Great food and a lot of live music at night, too!
  8. Lost Creek Ranch - Jackson Have some money to blow? If you demand a luxurious experience, the Lost Creek Ranch is fantastic. Many celebrities stay here and an episode of 'Modern Family' was filmed here.
  9. The Greybull Motel - Greybull The reason this motel makes the list are the owners. A quaint mom and pop motel with tremendous service and cleanliness.
  10. C'Mon Inn - Casper Frankly, this is on the list because I stay in Casper a lot. It's by far my favorite motel in the Oil City. Great beds and a fun pool area.

Bonus picks:

Fairfield Inn - Gillette - There's a water park inside the hotel, so obviously I have to mention this!

Little America - Little America - Yes, the one in Cheyenne is great. But, the one in Sweetwater County tops it. They named the community after a hotel!

Holiday Inn Express - Laramie - I realize it's a chain and every Holiday Inn Express is identical. The thing that puts this over the top is the service. Great, friendly staff - and a solid bar too.