Everyone has that list of things they need to do. There is the Honey-Do list or grocery list. The list of things you have to do at work today, but what about a fun list? That's what this is all about. We found ten things that we think everyone should experience before they are 6-feet-under. The state of Wyoming offers abundant opportunities to live in the moment even in the wintertime.

Some things on this list could kill you if you are not prepared. You don't need to recreate The Revenant on a Wyoming winter camping trip. In other words, don't be a dummy and do your homework. The weather in Wyoming is unforgiving. Plan and be prepared. We want you to be there to read more of our silly lists.


1 - Visit Yellowstone in Winter


One of the great things about living in Wyoming is the lack of people. Take advantage of Yellowstone's slow season in the winter. Just as the wind and cold keep people from living in the Cowboy State, the weather holds the numbers down at the national park. And the views are out of this world.


2 - Go Winter Camping

Johannes Simon, Getty Images

If you have the right gear and know-how, camping in the wintertime in Wyoming can be life-changing. Now skip the idea of a tent, and consider lodging in more indigenous accommodations. Why not stay in yurt or teepee? If it's negitive17 degrees outside, no one will question if you want to sleep in your own yurt.


3 - Go Snowmobiling


In Wyoming, we have plenty of land and snow. That makes it an ideal location for snow sleds. As a significant portion of the state is privately owned, always know where it is legal to ride.


4 - Catch a Fish while Ice Fishing


Any Wyomingite knows, the fish still bite in the wintertime. Add to that the numerous lakes that offer prime ice fishing. But to go ice fishing is not enough, you also and to land and reel in a fish. Are you up for the challenge?


5 - Build a Snowman that Can Withstand the Wind


Snowmen come, and snowmen go, but it takes strength to withstand the Wyoming wind. That is this bucket challenge. It is easy enough to make a snowman, but to give it enough power to fortify against the harsh wind, is the challenge. If it can stand the wind, then it will probably survive the winter. Later you can reap the rewards with a lone-summer-snowman, disfigured and 90% melted as if Salvador Dali made it himself.


6 - Ski Jackson Hole


World-class skiers and riders flock to Jackson Hole, so might as well see what the hype is all about, right? Well, if you are a skier, you already know that the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is always listed at the top places to ski in the world. There is a reason, and it has nothing to do with being liberal or conservative. They have the snow.


7 - Go Dog Sledding


A lot of grade school students have to read Jack London's Call of The Wild. Often it is their first time learning about dog sledding. Here in the Cowboy State, there are a few outfits who provide their patrons with an authentic dog sled ride. Mush! Heaja!


8 - Go Elk Hunting


For some this isn't a bucket list item, it is a way of life. Wyoming is blessed to have some of the best elk habitats in the nation. There is no better way to become part of nature than to hunt. It is a primal behavior that some neglect.


9 - Soak in Outdoor Hot Spring


Thanks to all the geothermic activity in and around Yellowstone, the state has a few places to soak in the naturally warm waters of the earth. From places like Saratoga or Thermopolis, you can soak in the same minerals that a short while ago were miles below the Earth's surface.


10 - Take Time to Relax in front of a Fire.


Wheather it is a fireplace or a firepit, never miss a good fire. Read a book, roast some marshmallows, or have some hot chocolate and good conversations with friends and family. It sounds too simple, but it can be the best way to enjoy a Wyoming winter. Plus this gives you the perfect time to talk about the adventures you just had or to plan your next trip.