Sam Rader is the 29-year-old Christian YouTube vlogger who surprised his wife Nia with a positive pregnancy test earlier this month. But now he's in the news for a less wholesome reason.

It turns out he had an account on the cheating website! Someone found his name in the user info that leaked earlier this month. He made two payments of $189 to the website in September 2013, which was the same month his second daughter was born. He closed the account two months later. 

After the news broke on Friday, he and his wife Nia posted a video on their YouTube channel where they said she already knew about the Ashley Madison account, and she's forgiven him. He said he opened the account out of, "sinful curiosity", but never actually had an affair.

Despite all that, he still showed up at a video blogging conference in Seattle on Saturday, then got kicked out after he got into it with another blogger for writing mean stuff about him online.