Here in the Cowboy State, we have our fair share of nicknames. For example, Casper is the Oil City, Cheyenne is the Capital City and Laramie is the self proclaimed "Gem City of the Plains".

Here's a few more of the best nicknames for towns here in Wyoming:

1. "The Best Town on Earth" Upton, Wyoming - This small northeastern town boasts a population of 1,100 and one of the loftiest nicknames ever. The slogan was adopted way back in 1903, which the town has proudly boasted on street signs every since.

2. "The Icebox of the Nation" Big Piney, Wyoming - Like their neighbors in Upton, the folks in this western Wyoming town aren't bashful. In fact, one of their official slogans is "The Best People on Earth". While that may or may not be true, it's Big Piney's other slogan that has created controversy over the years. Back in 1930, when it first became a weather station, Big Piney was the coldest city in the country. However, it's title at the "Icebox of the Nation" has been disputed over the years, by several towns in Minnesota and Colorado.

3. "The Jackalope Capital of the World" Douglas, Wyoming - Although sightings are so rare that some scientists worry it may be extinct, the Jackalope has served as a symbol In Douglas since the 1930's when a local businessman began selling Jackalope heads for mounting. It quickly became the town's claim to fame, where a giant statue honors the antlered animal and citizens gather every summer for the annual Jackalope Day celebration.

4. "The Biggest Little Town in Wyoming" Frannie, Wyoming - There's no arguing that it's a little town. Located just two miles south of the Montana border, Frannie has a population of 157. It also holds the distinction of being the only Wyoming town that occupies two counties, Park and Big Horn.

5. "The Rose City of Wyoming" Lovell, Wyoming - This nickname dates back to the 1902's when one of the country's foremost horticulture experts came to town and planted rose gardens across the city, many of which remain to this day. In recent years, the town has adopted another claim to fame, as the home of famed polygamist and reality television star Kody Brown.

Honorable Mentions:

"The Rodeo Capital of the World" Cody, Wyoming - You could argue that Cody isn't even the rodeo capital of the state, let alone the world.

"The Rocket City" Rock Springs, Wyoming - As far as we know, there are no, nor have there ever been any rockets located in the "rocket city".

"The Energy Capital of the World" Gillette, Wyoming - Obviously, this nickname comes from the coal mines that have powered the country, and Wyoming's economy, for decades. The slogan is also shared with Houston, Texas, which is home to many of the nation's biggest oil companies.