What were the chances that two drivers would crash into separate Wyoming businesses on the same day? That's what happened this week in Cheyenne and Casper.

Late Sunday night, a 20 year old man was arrested after driving into the Family Dollar Store in Cheyenne. Less than 24 hours later, a drunk driver bowled over two boulders, through a brick sign and crashed into the Brokerage House Realty office in Casper.

Sadly, this week's accidents are the latest in a long line of 'Car Crashes Into Store' stories here in Wyoming.

Earlier this year, a 78 year old Riverton man accidentally hit the gas instead of the breaks, barreling through a brick wall at the Trailhead Family Restaurant.

In 2012, a deranged Casper man, covered in shoe polish, plowed into the Horton's Convenient Store in Chugwater, starting a fire that burned down the town's only grocery store. The driver later told police that he crashed into the store "because the hot dogs were cold, the chili was cold, the bathrooms were dirty and the girls needed to be warmed up."

In 2014, a Cheyenne man lost control of his truck, careening off the road and directly into the Sierra Hills Assisted Living center. Luckily, he ran into a utility room and nobody was seriously injured.

Although it didn't involve a business, another remarkable accident occurred outside of Medicine Bow in 2013, when a Laramie man sped off the road and jumped off a hill, propelling his truck over 75 feet in the air before landing in a garage across the street.

Not far away, in Fort Collins, an elderly woman made headlines this year when her Cadillac steamrolled through a wall at the Chipper's Lanes Bowling Alley before the vehicle finally came to a stop in the women's restroom. Amazingly, several bowlers continued their games while crews towed the car out of the building.