Wyoming native Justin Howard recently released an epic instructional video for aspiring Air Guitar gods.

The former world champion, known as "Nordic Thunder", began his career in 2006 after moving from Casper to Chicago. In 2011, Howard was crowned the United States Air Guitar Champion. The following year, he claimed the World Air Guitar Championship in Finland.

Since then, Howard has starred in television commercials, appeared on several late television talk shows and works as a celebrity ambassador for the "sport" of competitive Air Guitar.

Howard is now turning his attention to teaching other the fine art of virtuoso virtual shredding. His recent video "Learn the Air Guitar with Nordic Thunder" is the first episode of a series that demonstrate several techniques, including the "Pick Slide, Windmill, The Chug, Finger Tap, Whammy Bar, Tongue Flip, Crazy Eyes, and Head Banging."

Learn the Air Guitar with Nordic Thunder EP1 from Nordic Thunder on Vimeo.