If you're a man and you live in Wyoming, take a bow. According to a new study ranking "romantic stamina", we are "above average".

The Study of Sex Duration in America, recently published by Nerve, ranks the 50 states and the District of Columbia on the average length of their "intimate encounters". While three minutes and 3 seconds might not sound impressive, the stamina of Wyoming men is good enough for 22nd place.

New Mexico men lead the nation in duration, with an average of 7:01. Their closest competitor, West Virginia, boasts an average 5:38, followed by Idaho at 5:11, South Carolina at 4:48 and Missouri at 4:42.

Men from Alaska, on the other hand, hold the title for fastest lovers in America, with an average duration of only 1:21. South Dakota men aren't lasting much longer, 1:30 on average.  Vermont, Montana and Georgia round out the bottom five.

The rankings are based on data received from over 10,000 users of the Spreadsheets App, which measures a variety of statistics related to performance in the bedroom. Check out the full study here.