Women – can’t live with ‘em, can’t expect them to not try and burn down your house.

A Deerfield Beach, Florida woman was arrested last week after she took the very logical step of setting her ex-boyfriend’s home on fire to gain closure on their relationship.

According to an affidavit, 26-year-old Kaelyn Marie Partenza reportedly showed up at Brian Morris’ apartment “to get closure on her relationship with Morris."

Let’s not get Morris fitted for wings and a halo just yet, though, because he’s certainly no angel. Things started off poorly after he opened the door and pointed a gun at Partenza. They got into a physical altercation before Partenza ran out, without taking her remaining belongings (it should be noted she had still been living in the apartment with Morris – and his new girlfriend. And Florida wonders why it has a reputation.).

As Partenza ran off, Morris threw some boots in her direction, causing some bruises.

Partenza came back a short time later. She saw Morris looking through the front door, so she did what any bitter and irate woman would do – she grabbed some lighter fluid from a grill and set the door on fire.

Morris’ new girlfriend proved her worth in spaded by putting out the blaze. Partenza is looking at charges of arson, while Morris also got hauled away for aggravated assault with a firearm/domestic violence and battery domestic violence.