The last Star Trek movie in 2009 left us all wanting more.  With the upcoming release of Star Trek: Into Darknesscoming out this year May 17th, our wishes are finally granted.  We are sure to see many familiar faces in the new feature, but one face seems new.  Who is the hot blonde in the new Star Trek Movie?

The hot blonde is.....(drum-roll)..... Alice Eve.  Alice Sophia Eve was born in London, England.  Alice has appeared in television dramas, plays, and feature films.  You may have seen her in Starter for 10 (2006) with James McAvoy and followed that with the film Big Nothing (2006) alongside Simon Pegg. In 2006, she went to India to shoot the British miniseries Losing Gemma (2006) (TV). Alice was introduced to American audiences in the film Crossing Over (2009). Her first high-profile role was in Sex and the City 2 (2010), where she played Charlotte York's Irish nanny.